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3 days a week

Fosbre Academy is an excellent resource for learning the knowledge and skills necessary to enter into the barbering industry. We do this by giving you a solid foundation and teaching you the advanced techniques you'll need to land a job in a barber shop or start your own business. 

Why is this program right for you?


Program includes many specialized training opportunities along the way to include:

  • Precision haircutting techniques and barbering services that keep pace with the most cutting edge technology in the industry.

  • Advanced straight razor shaving certification

  • Facial and skin treatment techniques inspired by industry leaders.

  • Access to curriculum designed specifically to mimic techniques taught by industry leaders to stay competitive in the market place.

  • In-depth business planning and communications skills.

  • Small classroom sizes to encourage your creativity and promote better learning

  • Exceptional hands-on training with our highly educated instructional staff.

  • Job placement assistance in top shops/ salons prior to graduation.

Man Getting a Haircut
8 Months
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